Four hours of mediation

Life Coaching/ Counseling - Initial


1.5 hour initial session

Parenting Workshop


Four hour parenting workshop with certification

Life Coaching/ Counseling


One hour of life coaching/ counseling – must complete initial session first.


To bill insurance, please note that as your Licensed provider in the Counseling Role, I will have to diagnose the designated client, i.e., you or your child, and provide that diagnosis to your insurance company to receive reimbursement. Further, some insurance companies have restrictions on the number of sessions and/or length of the session.

Rebecca is a preferred provider (In-Network) for the following insurance companies:

  • Aetna
  • MedCost
  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Magellan
  • BCBS of NC
  • Medicaid

For all other insurances, payment is due at the time of service. In many cases, your out-of-network reimbursement covers a significant amount of therapeutic services, though you should contact your insurance company for more information. Please call your insurance company to ask about your Out-of-Network Outpatient Mental Health Benefit. In cases where Tools4Life cannot electronically submit claims on your behalf, you will be provided insurance-ready documentation that you will be able to submit for reimbursement.

Listed below are some questions you can ask your insurance provider:

      1. What is my “Out-of-Network, Out-Patient, Mental Health Benefits” when seeing a Licensed Mental Health Counselor?(Some insurance companies distinguish between Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Mental Health Counselor. Make sure you specify that you will be seeing an outpatient Licensed Mental Health Counselor or sometimes it is called Out-Patient Therapist-Non Physician.)
      2. Do I need a referral from my Primary Care Provider (PCP) to see a Licensed Mental Health Counselor?
      3. Do I have a deductible, coinsurance, or co-payment?
      4. Have I met my deductible this year? When does my deductible restart?
      5. Does Pre-Certification apply? (Does the insurance company have to approve the treatment before starting therapy?)


Because an appointment slot is saved for you, there will be a $75 charge for appointments canceled or missed with less than 24 hours notice.


A deposit is required at the time of scheduling in the amount of ½ of the four-hour mediation fee. Please also note that the deposit is non-refundable. Adherence to a schedule is essential and takes up a considerable amount of my time. Please be prepared to pay the remaining half at the end of the mediation session regardless of whether parties reached an agreement or not. OR, take six months to pay with zero interest using Paypal Credit.


A deposit is necessary since considerable time and effort is put into preparing for mediation. Also people are waiting for appointments so it would not be fair to allow cancellations when I could have filled the slot. If you need to reschedule, please make an effort to do it at least 48 hours before.  Of note, there is a “No Refund” for services rendered. Thank you.