Pros & Cons of Teletherapy for Clients

Pros for Clients

  1. The ability to have therapy in a place you are most comfortable.
  2. If you are homebound, do not drive, or can’t make it to an office for a
    variety of reasons, teletherapy provides an excellent alternative.
  3. Reduces drive time thus is more convenience for you, saves time and gas.
  4. It creates more opportunities to scheduling. Otherwise to make it back and forth to an office for a 1-hour appointment with drive time this is a great alternative to make that appointment happen.
  5. Many insurances are starting to pay for online counseling services, so clients can use insurance benefits. It is recommended that you check with your insurance
    provider prior to scheduling an appointment to see what your insurance covers.
  6. If you are out-of-town traveling you can still attend sessions – just make sure you are in an area that you feel that your privacy is intact.
  7. The opportunity to do real time monitoring with you can be a priceless therapeutic tool.

Cons for Clients

  1. Issues with technology, can interrupt valuable session time. You can lose connectivity right in the middle of something important being said.
  2. The cable company can be working down the street and the internet goes completely out. Thus, we will have alternate options like hopping on a phone session.
  3. Things occurring in your environment can be distracting.
  4. When it comes to phone sessions the therapist cannot see certain important non-verbal cues. The therapist might have to ask you to describe your feelings, thoughts and actions in more detail then in a face to face session.
  5. Clients may not always be the best at protecting their own confidentiality.