Current Workshops

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Finding Peace Within Conflict: Start with Your Child

A program guide for ex-partners & ex-spouses who struggle to parent their children cooperatively.

4-hour Session

Durable parenting plans last a lifetime and will grow and change along with your child!

Areas addressed in the workshop

  • Custody & what does it means
  • Parenting through the ages and stages of your child
  • Style of parenting
  • Defining your parenting style
  • Proactive Peace-Filled Parenting

Learn proven techniques that can help you…

  • Put an end to sabotaging parent/child relationship and alienation
  • Avoid power struggles while setting limits
  • Eliminate emotional blackmail in relation to your child’s other parent
  • Teach problem-solving skills
  • Stay calm in stressful parenting situations

… and many other daily challenges. 

This parenting program is designed to give you practical skills that can be used immediately!

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COST: $200 (Includes 4 hours workshop with certificate, materials, lunch and free 30-minute session (to be scheduled within a week of the seminar) to determine if mediation would work for you and your child’s other parent).

STEP: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

Today’s parents live in an era where family structure is based increasingly on social equality. Traditional methods of raising children are no longer as effective as they were a generation ago. That’s why more and more parents are turning to STEP.

STEP offers parents a realistic and practical approach to meeting the challenges of raising children today. It helps them learn effective and enjoyable ways to relate to their children. It also helps them toward the goal parents want most: to raise responsible children who will grow into responsible men and women, capable of living meaningful, happy adult lives.

STEP can help you become a better parent. STEP participants work together in small discussion groups. Parents become actively involved in discussing common concerns and learning specific child-training ideas and skills.

The seven STEP sessions consider these topics:

  1. Understanding Yourself & Your Child
  2. Understanding Beliefs & Feelings
  3. Encouraging Your Child & Yourself
  4. Listening & Talking to Your Child
  5. Helping Children Cooperate
  6. Discipline That Makes Sense
  7. Choosing Your Approach

Take the first step now in improving your relationship with your children

(Email or fill out contact form if you are interested in attending a parenting workshop)


COST: $300 (Over the course of seven weeks parents will attend a 1.5-hour workshop which will include a certificate, a copy of the STEP book, and a light snack. Childcare will also be provided. Parents will be required to sign a form giving permission for their child to participate in social skills based play session with a trained counselor.